• Each team must be comprised of five members. A sixth member can be appointed as an observer per team. The observer can communicate with the team throughout the competition except for any judged sessions. Qualifications of the observer are not part of team selection criteria.
  • All team members must be current UC Berkeley Undergraduates.
  • Each team must appoint a Team Lead who will serve as the point of contact and voice for the team.
  • For teams selected to compete in the Competition must also commit to:
    • Sign the NDA and the Code of Conduct, and abide by all VCIC rules.
    • Attend the pre-competition workshops and to compete through the Regional competition in February if selected, and to the Global Finals.
    • Ensure all team members named on the application are present on the day of the competition No alternatives and no absences are allowed.

How to Apply
2023 VCIC Application Document | Pitch Deck 1 | Pitch Deck 2
Please submit exactly 1 Document - The Application Master Sheet.
Feel free to submit as a word or PDF document.
Deadline: December 9th, 11:59 PM
The 6 best teams will receive an invitation to an interview shortly after the deadline has passed.

Important Dates

Here are the tentative 2022-2023 Undergraduate VCIC Important Dates:

Contact: undergradvcic@gmail.com